Improve safety, compliance and efficiency for commercial vehicle enforcement

360SmartViewTM is a comprehensive screening tool to help officers make real-time, accurate commercial vehicle inspection selection decisions. With advanced electronic image identification and safety/compliance verification, the 360SmartView system can be tailored to screen for specific inspection selection criteria and other factors dependent on state requirements.

Efficient Enforcement

At most weight stations, enforcement officers process an average of 2-6 trucks per minute. 360SmartView helps officers identify and focus resources on the vehicles and drivers that are most likely to present safety risks.

Reliable Uptime

360SmartView is built on a stable, reliable and robust platform. The system operates 24 hours a day and minimizes downtime through online and proactive team member system monitoring, performance reporting and a responsive technical support team.

Non-Compliance Detection

360SmartView can identify compliance issues that might not be detected otherwise. The system can pinpoint carriers operating while under federal out-of-compliance orders, vehicles reported as stolen and a variety of other factors.

Reduce Congestion

360SmartView filters out vehicles least likely to present a potential safety or compliance issue, helping officers focus resources on ones most in need. This creates efficiencies in safety and traffic flow on the mainline and in the inspection facility.

How It Works

360SmartView screens on factors of interest to officers at the inspection site, integrating the readings of devices such as weigh-in-motion (WIM) and over-height detectors to help officers determine whether a truck requires inspection. Within seconds, the results from the site devices are displayed on a monitor, and officers can use this data to make the screening decision.

  • 1. PrePass Reader

    If present, qualifying trucks enter the right-hand lane and receive a “bypass” or “pull-in” signal based on credentials and the state’s safety pull-in rate.

  • 2. License Plate Reader

    Captures license plate information and screens on Federal and State compliance factors including OOS, Registration and inspection information.

  • 3. DOT Reader

    Captures USDOT numbers and screens on Federal and State safety and compliance factors including ISS Score, Federal OOS, IRP and IFTA.

  • 4. Weigh-in-Motion Scale

    Truck passes over embedded scale and is electronically screened based on weight performance.

  • 5. Sort Decision

    Trucks are automatically sorted to the appropriate lane based on screening results from 360SmartView and the WIM scale.

Data Quality

Each vehicle record is stored in the 360SmartView central database. This record contains vehicle identifying information, images, size and weight threshold information and the screening results. The most recent transactions for the selected site can be viewed by officers through the 360SmartView user interface.

360SmartView employs the most complete and comprehensive screening dataset available by leveraging CVIEW, Nlets, and state purchased data. This unique data acquisition process results in 360SmartView being able to provide more complete carrier data records than the use of CVIEW alone. This means higher quality screening results so the State can have confidence that they are stopping and inspecting the correct vehicles.

Access to Information

360SmartView delivers screening decisions to computers, tablets, or mobile phones from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need to load software. This means officers can monitor information from enforcement vehicles, remote offices, permanent weigh stations, traffic management centers and other potential locations as determined by the state.

Central reporting provides site-specific and statewide reports including total volumes, pass and fail characteristics, fail factors (violations) by type, and violation rates by time and day. Reporting can help officials allocate and schedule enforcement resources for both mobile and intermittent fixed operations; identify carriers who are candidates for compliance reviews or other actions needed to improve safety compliance; and adjust operations to focus on the most common or most egregious compliance issues.

Flexible Configuration

Mobile Enforcement

As the number of commercial vehicles on the road increases, enforcement agencies need to cover more ground and be flexible and agile. That’s why Auxilium has developed the 360SmartView mobile screening trailer.

The 360SmartView mobile trailer can be deployed in approximately 15 minutes and it provides a solution for areas without a permanent inspection facility, or in places with significant traffic where a major investment is not an option. The 360SmartView mobile trailer can be used in a variety of locations, such as:

The solution offers many operational advantages in comparison to vehicle mounted equipment, namely the ability to be deployed downstream while being monitored in vehicles, rest areas, or fixed facilities. It can also be towed by existing state vehicles eliminating the need to procure customized vehicles. 

The 360SmartView system’s advanced technology enables accurate data-driven inspection selection decisions by automatically delivering the most current set of applicable carrier, vehicle data and safety and compliance factors to roadside enforcement officers. 

Auxilium Difference

Auxilium provides full support infrastructure including automated monitoring systems, local site technicians and secure data systems with each 360SmartView installation.

The Auxilium team members bring significant experience in Automated Weigh Station Screening system deployment and a longstanding commitment to hardware and software reliability, maintenance and support as demonstrated by: